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Complex deployments become simple.
Deploy your applications from git or CI in minutes.

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100+ hand-picked integrations

DeployPlace integrates well with your current stack. Slack,, New Relic, Sentry and many other services are seamlessly supported.

All in one place

Brings your VCS, CI tool, Deployment targets, Logging and Monitoring settings together in one WebUI. Serves as a single focal point for your deployments and all things related, largely eliminating the necessity to switch between multiple UIs, CLIs and APIs constantly and saving an immense amount of customers' time as a result.

Takes care of the deployment

Has readily available templates and presets to deploy customers' app as fast as possible. No need to start from scratch. Allows to cut time-to-market significantly by removing the initial knowledge barrier. Customers' can deploy their app now and, should they so choose, get the expert knowledge on how things work 'under the hood' later.

Cloud support

Supports Cloud Providers (AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud) as well as own set of Internet-enabled hardware as deployment target.

DigitalOcean AmazonS3 Azure Google Cloud

Works with monitoring / log-tracking platform of your choice: be that self-hosted ELK-stack deployment or services such as NewRelic, Datadog, Sentry, etc.

New Relic DataDog Sentry
Always up to date

Advanced notification capabilities. Allows combining multiple notification channels and urgency levels: receive urgent notices via SMS and Calls, send everything else to Slack or a mailbox.

Slack Call SMS

Fully customizable. Customers retain full control of their instances and are able to tweak deployments directly. Successful tweaks are adopted as steps of the automated continuous delivery process.